Sacred Soul Tree Images


Soul Trees, Reiki Healing Art and Daikini Dolls are extensions of my creative side. 
Specifically the desire to craft Sacred Arts and Crafts for kindred spirits to work with on their own paths to Living.  I am not currently crafting any more dolls for a bit, and Reiki is always in effect when I work in art and spirit or both at the same time, lol.

2017-2018 is going to feature a great deal more on the Soul Tree Sacred Art and as for crafts click on the Blessing Bowls Tab above or check the main Shop Page for my jewelry creations.  

Soul Tree Images 

Soul Trees are Artistically rendered reflections of your Life's Purpose on Earth at this time as well has Energy Healing Images. 

 They are equally enjoyable as Art alone and stand out when Printed to Poster Size in any space.  They speak volumes and you will find very quickly they are packed full of information that gradually reveals itself to you when you are ready.  

How to Make Use of your Soul Tree Image;:
There are two ways I recommend for using the soul trees, 

-Actively, by sitting quietly in a relaxed state and stepping into the Picture with the Intent of listening to your Souls Messages for you, taking a journey with your Soul and your Guardians to a better understanding of what is necessary for your Growth Spiritually At this time.

-Passively, by sitting quietly in a relaxed state and just appreciating the parts of the image you are most drawn to that day, allowing the colors to flow over your Aura helping to balance it in the ways your Soul Permits. 

To reinforce the Value of the Information you retrieve on both types of Meditations using your Soul Tree, WRITE DOWN YOUR IMPRESSIONS! All of them with no judgement.  Often we are so full of the new information its challenging to make it rational.  So don't.  Write it down and go back to a chore or daily living task, the wisdom of the Sacred Trees is slow and deep and will make itself known to you Synchronisticaly as time goes on. 

I do not need any personal or private information for these types of Energy Images.  Other than your name and maybe a bit about why you feel Drawn to having a reading would be lovely and helpful. But I can create blind as well.  

*I am Currently charging:

$80.00 -For a 24 x 18 Poster Size Print and Printed Reading and Meditation guides, Mailed out to you.Canadian 

-$50 - For a Digital Un-watermarked Image and short pdf outlining how you can personally meditate with the image  that you can have printed out according to your budget and desire. (300dpi ) 

-$40.00- If you Meditate Regularly and are able to readily come up with your own Meditation you are welcome to purchase an Image alone 
Payable via E-transfer or Pay Pal only. 

Please visit my Facebook Page  to see and enjoy 70+ Soul Tree images I have created over the last 6 years! 

I hope you enjoy the feast for the Soul and look forward to creating for you!!!

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A bit about me ...

I am a level 4 or Teacher Level Usui Reiki Practioner since 2009.  And am currently engaged in deeper Meditations between Reiki and its Shamanistic origins.  Check out my Facebook page for Albums of healing vibe art Mye's Meditations 

I have created and collaborated on Art for two powerful Major Arcana Decks:: 

The Major Healing Tarot with Frankey Craig of


The Tarot Tales Major Arcana Art Deck. 

( on Facebook) BLurb Self Published Art book with Text coming soon! Follow on Facebook to stay tuned in. 

Currently in the works is -The Major Healing Runes and Healing Art Rune Deck with Meditations- and energizing new ways to work with Runes and Sacred Geometry.