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-8 x 10 original Reiki Enhanced Art 

-Custom Soul Tree Gift 

-Hand Crafted Custom Hemp Cord woven bracelet/ necklace  with Hand cut Brass Beads

(Made by Mye from  re purposed brass from bullet casings, keeping it out of  landfills.  

Neutralize hate with Peace and Gratitude through Gift)


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Curious about The Norse Runes? 

Already a seasoned Pilgrim on the Spiritual Path?

Visit themajorhealingrunes.blogspot.com and journey along with me, as I explore the Runes as a Cohesive Spiritual Language of Light.

I have been working with the Runes for over 20 years, and am enthusiastic to present a method of working with them, that will introduce you to them as a method of energy healing, or you can work with the system and arrange the Runes as you and your Higher Self see fit!

You don't have to accept my work as your truth, its a system that allows for creative thought and inner progression at your own pace.  And expansion.

The Regenerative Self is encouraged in this evolving system handed down to us through generations of pilgrims who sought their own way to the light. 



I had the incredible opportunity to work with an excellent

Healer and Gifted Psychic, the Divine Mrs. Frankey Craig from

the U.K to create the Major Healing Tarot Deck.

Check out the- www.OurPsychicArt.com -web site or go to their Facebook Page for more info!


Usui Reiki Master/ Educator ( developing a system fusing Reiki and the Norse Runes)

I am a Independant Reiki Practioner, and include the benefits of its Healing Modality in my Art, Jewelry and best of HAIR/ Salon Services!  

Reiki is powerful in its process in helping the practitioner and client open up to our Inner Direction and helping us remain mindful of our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.